Environmental Policy Statement

Clifden Camping & Caravan Park.

Here, at Clifden Camping & Caravan Park we are committed to responsible and sustainable tourism. Our aim is to reduce our environmental impact through careful management of our water and energy use and waste.

We would appreciate your help in implementing a few simple environmental policies.

Recycling: We recycle all our glass, tins, and paper, and magazines, cardboard and plastic bottles. Please desperate you rubbish and use the bins provided around the site for recycling. We also provide a bucket for food waste to transfer to our compost heap.

Energy Conservation: We are in the process of replacing light bulbs around the site with low energy, long life ones. Please switch off all unnecessary lights. Lighting around the site is kept to a minimum to allow everyone to enjoy the night sky.

Please use water as efficiently as possible during your stay. Our taps are all push downs to conserve water usage and prevent taps being left turned on. Should you notice any leaks we would be grateful if you could notify a member of staff.

Thoughtful Purchasing: We use recycled paper or paper from sustainable sources. We have eliminated the use of paper towels and now provide a clean towel for your convenience beside the wash hand basins in the toilet blocks. Whenever possible we use “environmentally friendly “cleaning products. Do not use toilet paper to dry your tent, we have towels available for this – just ask a member of staff.

Please respect the plants and wildlife and instruct your children to do the same. We also aim to support local businesses and cultural events.

Clifden Camping & Caravan Park is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty and by following these simple suggestions we can all help to keep it this way. We welcome your feed back in ways we could improve and would appreciate your help.